A Caring Approach

I begin by identifying my clients’ and families’ current status of services and support. I learn about their hopes and dreams, strengths, and limitations.

I work collaboratively with families to identify their goals and guide them through important decisions and plans for the future. Together we identify a course of action that will lead to reaching the next milestone.

For example for young adults with special needs and their families, the transition from high school, secondary transition, can be particularly difficult because federally mandated educational support ends at age 22 and then services are primarily accessed through the Regional Center. Many families comment that it is like starting all over! Support can help navigate the array of resources and coordinate services during transition to ensure that valuable time is not wasted.

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    The plan for the future begins with a person centered mindset.

    I utilize different tools depending on each individual’s needs. These include Person Centered Planning (PCP), Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Transition Assessment, Independent Skill Assessment, Function Skill Assessment, Employment Skills and Choice Assessments.

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    Secondary Transition Consultation

    During the secondary transition individuals leave the school system and enter adulthood, their service delivery will change. I help identify and access available services for adults with special needs and helps families understand these resources and how to access and utilize them so they receive the full support they need.

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    Positive Parenting

    Positive parenting through Applied Behavior Analysis can give you the tools to encourage personal development, self growth in you child. Through this evidence based method I can help you increase your child’s independence skills, life skills and support your child to transition into adulthood.

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    Private School – Full Inclusion

    A full inclusion program allows a student with special needs to remain in a private school and receive an accommodated or modified program to meet his educational needs. I have worked with students Kindergarten- 12th grade with many different disabilities including ASD, Down syndrome, ADHD and Learning Disabilities to ensure educational, behavioral and social success in a typical classroom.

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    I have extensive experience in designing and writing Regional Center and Department of Rehabilitation program and establishing new programs.

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    I am available to conduct workshops in the community and online platforms. I can speak on education, transition, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Self-Determination Program.

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    Intensive Course

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