Positive Parenting

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Guiding a child with special needs into adulthood can be overwhelming and confusing. It can be challenging to balance “letting go” and providing support. Using ABA, which is based on scientific evidence, I can help you learn the skills and crate a program to positively guide your child to adulthood.

Most ABA programs are either center-based, school-based or home-based. In a center-based program, a parent drops off the child to receive the therapy and the parent is taught to follow through at home. In a school-based program, the teacher and assistant implement the intervention. In a home-based program, the child is evaluated and a Behavior Therapist (BT) comes into the home and intervenes with the child. Parents are required to be in the home and there is a component of teaching the parent how to follow up.

The Power of Parenting through ABA

Parenting through ABA uses the same theories as home-, center- and school-based interventions, but empowers parents by providing the tools directly to the parent so they can effect successful behavior change and skill development. This reduces negativity, incrimination and frustration. The difference is that the program is created based on what is most important to you, your home and the family. I teach you the skills so you can help your child grow and learn.

Using evidence-based theories and practices, Claudia first assesses your individual family situation and develops a program that fits your life and family. You (not a BT) put the program into action to support your child through the transition into adulthood.

Concerns such as safety, prompt dependency, school challenges, independent life skills, basic activities of daily living (ADL), community involvement and more can be addressed using this method.