IEE Assessments

Are You Looking For A Capable And Competent IEE Assessor For Your Child?

Have you received an opportunity to get an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) to support your child’s learning? Are you in search of someone to perform a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) or a Vocational/Transition Assessment? Are you looking for an objective, experienced assessor?

Perhaps you have been granted either a Vocational/Transition assessment or an FBA IEE for your child with special needs, but you don’t know who to choose for the evaluation. You may be concerned that the school did not fully take your wants and needs into consideration and want to make sure it doesn’t happen with the IEE assessment. Or maybe you’re invested in finding someone who can tailor the assessment to meet your child’s needs, and not just use a cookie-cutter approach in the process. 

On the other hand, your child might have developed a behavior that is creating setbacks at school. And you may now be in search of an experienced professional to perform an FBA that can effectively evaluate your child’s specific behavior and establish effective intervention techniques. 

My independent educational evaluation services cover both of the above assessments. And given my long history as a special needs teacher, experience developing and providing adult services, and status as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), I am able to offer a tailored approach to the IEE assessment process. 

Accuracy And Customization Are Essential To The IEE Process

It’s not easy to be granted an Independent Education Evaluation, and oftentimes families require the help of a lawyer or special advocate to challenge the school’s assessment of their child. Even when an IEE is offered, families only have one chance to get a new assessment of their child’s special education needs. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a qualified, licensed professional who can provide meaningful insight and guidance. 

IEE assessments typically include observation of the child, as well as interviews with their parent(s), teacher, and any relevant school personnel. During transitional or vocational IEE assessments, in particular, the assessment itself often revolves around identifying the students’ goals for the future and how to best meet them, along with identifying functional skills that will be necessary for the student to thrive as they move toward independence and adulthood. 

Alternatively, if an FBA is requested, then an IEE will center around identifying challenging behaviors, providing an assessment regarding each behavior’s function and offering recommendations about the proper steps to take toward intervention.

My job is to focus on your child and family so that the outcome of the IEE assessment is as successful as possible. And because I have ample experience in the field of special education, behavior analysis, and understanding the needs of and opportunities for individuals with disabilities, I can tailor my IEE assessment services to meet your family’s unique needs. 

My IEE Assessment Will Honor Your Family’s Specific Goals

If you’re a parent seeking an Independent Education Evaluation for your child, chances are that you have been offered limited perspective and resources by your child’s school—meaning that any information and referrals provided by the school are relatively restricted to what’s offered by the district. Given my extensive background and variety of positions within the field of special needs services, I can offer perspective from a wide lens that takes into consideration the many factors that can influence the outcome of an IEE assessment, and not just the school’s opinion. 

Once you have decided to work with me as your child’s IEE assessor, the school district needs to be notified that you have chosen me to perform the assessment. From there, your child’s school will send me either the transitional/vocational or an FBA IEE contract, at which point we will begin the assessment. Throughout this process, we will meet together so that I can get a sense of our progress. 

Mine is a functional point-of-view that considers elements outside of what you and your child’s school might see and takes into account the needs of your family as you prepare for the future. 

In addition—and I hope it goes without saying—I am familiar with our state’s legalities and regulations and am prepared to provide IEE assessments that adhere to such requirements. These will include stipulations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004), person-centered planning, and Self-Determination. As such, a transitional IEE assessment will take into consideration career and employment, functional skills, and vocational opportunities. An FBA IEE assessment done by me will identify certain behaviors creating issues at school, their function, and effective ways that you can intercede.  

While working with me, you can expect individualized attention and a thorough assessment of your child’s IEE. Because I have assisted in the transition and behavior management of so many students with different disabilities, I can offer meaningful insight into what the future holds for your child and family. 

I have worked with individuals with special needs of all ages and have been able to witness, firsthand, the many different paths that can be taken within this population. My aim is to maximize your child’s potential, whether that means effectively preparing them for a transition into adulthood or mitigating the behaviors that are creating setbacks in their lives. 

Perhaps you’re in need of an IEE assessor, but you still have questions about working with me… 

What are the components of an IEE assessment?

The district will first dictate how long I have for the IEE assessment (although it is not that hard to get extensions if they are needed). The assessment includes: review of records, observation(s) of the student at the school of attendance, assessment, preparation of the written report and finally attending the IEP meeting. 

I will do my best to keep the assessment on track as much as possible. And my goal is to adhere to your family’s specific objectives and timelines.  

Why should we choose you to perform our child’s IEE assessment? 

My long career in this field—including experience working with clients in Regional Center programs, the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), and as a special needs teacher and BCBA—has given me an all-encompassing and bird’s eye view of what is needed for each client. Having worked with a wide range of clients, ages 3 to 65, I have a solid understanding of what the future holds for your child, and I can set them up to have the options that will best align with their skills and interests. 

Not to mention, if your child is in need of an FBA, I am highly familiar with the common behaviors within school populations and can approach the IEE assessment with a thorough, global perspective. 

What happens after the IEE assessment is completed? How else can you help?

I offer a wide variety of special needs services and can continue to work with your family even beyond the IEE process. For example, I can help you to determine the steps to facilitate your child’s transition into adulthood (Secondary Transition) or maximize Regional Center opportunities through Self-Determination (as an Independent Facilitator). And if you’re in need of parenting support, my Positive Parenting services can reinforce elements of your child’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the home. 

I invite you to explore these pages on my site to learn more about how I can further assist your family. 

Working With Me, You Can Complete Your Child’s IEE With Confidence 

If you have been granted an IEE for your child with special needs, I can offer a transitional assessment as well as a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA). To receive an intake questionnaire and set up a consultation, please email me