A Caring Approach

I begin by identifying my clients’ and families’ current status of services and support. I learn about their hopes and dreams, strengths, and limitations. I work collaboratively with families to identify their goals and guide them through important decisions and plans for the future. Together we identify a course of action that will lead to reaching the next milestone.

For young adults with special needs and their families, the transition from high school can be particularly difficult because federally mandated educational support ends at age 22 and then services are primarily accessed through the Regional Center. Many families comment that it is like starting all over! Support can help navigate the array of resources and coordinate services during transition to ensure that valuable time is not wasted.

Behavior Analytic Services

Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA)

A Functional Behavior Analysis is warranted when it is essential to identify the specific behavior that is interfering in an individuals’ education, or home or community life. During an FBA, the relationship between the environment and the behavior is identified and is used to develop goals that are more effective and efficient in addressing the challenging behavior.

ABA Therapy Parent Training

Guiding a child with special needs into adulthood can be overwhelming and confusing. Balancing “letting go” and providing support at the same time can be challenging. Utilizing ABA, which is based on scientific evidence, Claudia can help parents positively shepherd their child to adulthood.

  • Effective parenting skills
  • Balancing support with boundaries
  • Struggles with hygiene
  • Fostering independence and responsibility
  • School challenges

Other Services

Assessment of Transition Needs

The plan for transition begins with assessing the current level of abilities and establishing goals for the future.

  • Review of Individual Transition Plan in the IEP
  • Transition Assessment through the Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) process
  • In home and community assessment
    • Functional Skills Assessment
    • Independent Skills Assessment
    • Employment Skills & Choice Assessment

Identifying & Accessing Resources

As individuals leave the school system and enter adulthood, their service delivery will change. Claudia helps identify and access available services for adults with special needs and helps families understand these resources and how to access and utilize them so they receive the full support they need.

  • Regional Center services
  • California Department of Rehabilitation
  • In Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) / Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Financial support
  • Legal support
  • Social opportunities
  • ABLE account
  • Social opportunities
  • Conservatorship
  • Advocacy

Self-Determination/Person Centered Plan

Person Centered Plan (PCP) is an approach that helps identify a person’s vision for their future and what support they need to reach those goals. The PCP is an integral part of the Regional Center Self-Determination Program. Through the discovery process and planning meeting, Claudia creates an individualized PCP that includes a personal profile and a plan for the future that is rooted in the individual’s and their family’s hopes and dreams. She strives to ensure that the PCP is meaningful to the individual and the family.

Other Transitions

Life is full of transitions: moving, looking for and beginning a career, accessing education, changing services, and many others. Many families benefit from additional support and linkage during those times.


Claudia will customize a behavior intervention (ABA services), develop an educational plan and provide case management for students to support the student’s educational goals.

  • Inclusion programs
  • Independent Educational Program development
  • Review of IEP


Claudia has successfully designed, developed, and managed Regional Center programs such as Independent Living Services, Supported Living Services, Community Integrated Training, Supported Employment and Tailored Services that adhere to Title 17, Lanterman Act, Home and community based services (HCBS), and Employment First policies.

Services available:
  • Write program designs
  • Assist in the vendor process
  • Develop program
    • Staff development
    • Curriculum
  • Presentations
    • Parents
    • Staff